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Preparing for Famine

spring Mar 27, 2023

Spring is a time when we think about the future, prepare for planting crops or a small family garden, and prepare for new life as trees and flowers begin to bloom. However, not all years are the same.

More people are hungry in America this year than in years past, and experts say it is only going to get worse. Today, we call it food insecurity. According to the World Food Programme, the number of people projected to be hungry this year is more than double that in 2020.

Food prices are up. Gas prices are up. The price of fertilizer is up. According to the Des Moines Register, U.S. Farm Income fell $9.7 billion between 2021 and 2022. With less money being made and more obstacles to overcome, there are predictions of a food shortage this year. Some of our readers may already be noticing shortages of food at their local grocery store. Now is the time to prepare.

We can learn about how to prepare for times of insecurity in the Bible. Read Genesis 41, where Joseph interprets Pharoah’s dream of an upcoming famine, and Genesis 47:13-27 to learn how Joseph dealt with famine. This is a time to prepare. If you have a plot of land, consider growing a garden. A very small plot will do. If you don’t have a place to plant outside, consider growing food inside of your home. I have seen several options for indoor garden kits with a wide range of prices. The Tower Garden is currently my favorite indoor garden option. However, there are less expensive options with or without grow lights. I remember growing tomatoes in 5-gallon buckets and other plants in storage containers when I lived in an apartment. Where there is a will, there is a way.

The first step to preparing for a possible famine is to pay attention. Are you noticing food shortages already? The second step is to do something. In Genesis, it was obvious that Joseph was put in charge of preparing for the famine. Pharoah did not ignore the signs. Instead, he took notice and did something. The third step is to get advice so your growing season will be successful. If you have family or friends that know how to garden, ask for advice. If not, reach out to your local extension office. Many counties have an extension office as part of their local agricultural program. Many have classes and will also test your soil so you know what is needed to help your plants grow. They will also tell you the ideal growing time so you know when to start your garden. Following these three steps will get you well on your way to preparing for a possible food shortage in the near future.

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